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Melodious techno, techno and house music dance over the fields at the Winter Garden.
Our partners and area hosts including Mystic Garden Festival, Dockyard Festival, Cirque Mystique and TIJDMASJIEN, programming world-class artists who will take you on a musical journey of discovery through the Garden. From emotional to light and from dark to joyous, the music from our line-ups will guide you on your own personal voyage.

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Aside from the music, the festival boasts a variety of activities that contribute to its enchanting ambiance, such as interactive games, artistic corners where you can face paint, create art, or just chill out and enjoy the sights

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Street theater

Street theater and interactive performances play a big role in the overall experience of Winter Garden. Engaging acts and playful creatures wander over the festival grounds, adding a whimsical and theatrical touch to the event.

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Magical, dreamy and joyous; Mystic Garden Festival’s decor transforms the terrain into a majestic Winter paradise. Much of the décor is bespoke, created by various visual artists who interpret the meaning of the Garden.

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We’ll have a fine selection of artesian food trucks serving organic foods, locally sourced. Let us show you just how delicious sustainability and responsibility can be!

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